Are there age restrictions?

All face paints that we use recommend 3 years and up and we tend to stick to this guide. However, if your child is 2 we can do a small design on their cheek. Glitter tattoos are also only suitable for ages 3+. 

Our parties, in general, are suited for ages 3-8 years.

Can glitter tattoos be applied to the face?

No. Even though the glue used for glitter tattoos is specialist body glue, it is not delicate enough to use on the face. We usually apply tattoos to the arms and legs.

Do I need to provide a table and chairs?

It is always appreciated if you can supply somewhere for our face painters and glitter tattooists to work but if needed we can bring our own table and stools for a small fee of £10. If you are having an outdoor event and need us to bring a gazebo as well, the charge is £20.

How do I book?

We now have a booking site for our party packages., link below If you have any questions though, just get in touch! 


How do I pay?

We require a deposit at time of booking to confirm your slot in our diary, this is payable by bank transfer or online by card.

For private bookings i.e. birthdays, weddings etc. you can pay the remainder of the balance on the day of the event by cash or card. Please make us aware if you would like to pay by card beforehand as we only have one mobile card machine. Payment is required on our arrival, no exceptions. Our team will not begin to set up their work area until payment has been made.

For corporate bookings, we can send an invoice payable within 30 days.  

Tips for removing face paint

It may surprise you to hear that face paint staining has more to do with the skin than it does the paint. For example, the drier the skin the easier it will absorb the paint, making it harder to remove.

However, higher quality paints do tend to have much more pigment which may mean staining is more likely to occur. But don´t fret, here are some tips to help get rid of any stubborn paint!

Firstly, make up or baby wipes may be fine for some children/adults but for many they just reactivate the paint and move it around on the surface of the skin. Wipes can also push the paint deeper into pores and actually cause more staining!

A good quality soap or no tears shampoo is best for removing face paint. With a damp face cloth, apply the soap or shampoo and use small circling movements to create a paste with the paint then turn the cloth over and wipe off. Try to avoid rubbing the whole face in one go. If some paint remains, let the soap or shampoo sit on the skin for 30 seconds and wipe again.

For very stubborn stains you can apply a layer of moisturiser to the skin, let it sit for 10 minutes and wash again with soap.

Baby oil or even olive oil can also be great for removing stains, just by applying using cotton balls.

Here are a couple of YouTube vidoes I have previously found useful. Please note, these are not my vidoes!

Tips for removing Glitter Tattoos

Glitter tattoos will typically wear off by themselves after 5-7 days. However you can remove them earlier if needed.

One way is to simply scratch and peel off the tattoo, this may be easier to do after a bath. You can also use baby oil on a cotton pad to rub the tattoo which will also help lift it from the skin